We appreciate you coming to our website.  We had a successful 2017 and we are keeping this programs page up for viewing purposes only.  All programs listed on this page were for 2017 and will not be available for 2018.

Our community is our priority and we will continue to make financial donations to various local community groups and businesses.  If your community group or business would like to partner with us, please email info@sonomacountyfirerelief.org

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Events for 2017

Family Adoption Program

We are matching up sponsors with people who lost their homes and/or jobs to the fires in Sonoma and Napa County.  We already have over 90 families/468 people who have been adopted, but we have so many more in need. 

If you would like to adopt a family, please email us at donations@sonomacountyfirerelief.org and we will send you a family in need, including first names, genders, ages, shirt sizes, pants sizes, shoe sizes, favorite colors, interests, and 3 wish list gifts! If you prefer, you can make a donation directly on our website here.

If you are a fire victim and would like to register you and/or your family in our adoption program, please email us at info@sonomacountyfirerelief.org or you can register here.  Please include your first name(s), gender(s), age(s), shirt size(s), pants size(s), shoe size(s), favorite colors, interests, and 3 wish list gifts for each person.

Holiday Giving Event

Date:  Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th


Location:  Maria Carrillo High School Parking Lot

(6975 Montecito Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409).

We will be giving away gift cards, holiday decorations, new and slightly used items, and free lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm...first come, first serve. We will also be signing up fire victims for our adoption program where we will match up fire victims with people who want to help.

FEMA will have staff on site to assist with transitional housing questions, how to better rebuild, provide information about unemployment, and answer questions on the FEMA process. They will also have American Sign Language interpreters on site!

If you would like to volunteer or donate anything for this event, please feel free to contact us at donations@sonomacountyfirerelief.org or call (833) 707-FIRE (3473) or visit us here or simply show up to our event with your donations.

Cents for Sonoma County

School Adoption Program

School Districts are zoned specifically to serve a community based on size, population, and geographic location. They serve as the perfect safe zone for those affected by the fire to go to for support in their local neighborhood. Sonoma County Fire Relief is partnering with each of the school districts that were impacted by the fires and providing relief to everyone in need in their community.

How It Works

Sonoma County Fire Relief is matching up schools throughout the United States with the schools that were affected by the fires. All monetary and physical donations collected at a site will go to the fire victims at the sister school and to their local community.

Campaign Ingredients

The "Cent's for Sonoma County" campaign solicits support in four ways:  

1.  Students donate coins in classrooms to participate in a points based competition.

2.  Community members may make additional monetary donations in the office.

3.  School members and community members may drop off donations of specific items we have determined are needed by the families in the local communities where the sister schools are located.

4.  Corporations can sponsor the schools and/or match all donations.